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Vote for a brighter tomorrow! Even though miles apart, our hearts beat for our beloved motherland, Bangladesh. Life may have led us to foreign shores for work, but our connection to Sylhet remains unwavering.In the spirit of solidarity, we extend our support to all Sylheti people who wish to cast their votes. Though physically distant, our virtual presence stands strong, urging you to exercise your right to vote for a better future.Let us unite in spirit and contribute to the progress of our homeland, even from afar. Together, let's ensure our voices resonate, shaping the destiny of our beloved Sylhet.

About WWS

Welcome to the Worldwide Sylheti Site, your passport to the heart of Sylheti culture, wherever you are in the world! Immerse yourself in a global community that celebrates the unique language, heritage, and traditions of Sylhet. Connect, share, and learn with like-minded individuals who share your passion for all things Sylheti. Join us on a journey that transcends borders and unites Sylhetis from every corner of the globe. Discover your roots, forge new connections, and be a part of something truly special. Join us today and let the worldwide Sylheti community be your cultural home away from home!

CEO of BDITDOMAIN Mustafizur Choudhury

Human Resources & Account Manager
Muhammad Abdul Aleem

Community Events

  • Sylheti Cultural Fest
  • Sylheti Heritage Showcase
  • Sylheti Food and Music Festival
  • Sylheti Language Day Celebration
  • Sylheti Unity Picnic
  • Sylheti Youth Summit
  • Sylheti Dance Extravaganza
  • Sylheti Art and Craft Fair
  • Sylheti Sports Gala
  • Sylheti Charity and Giving Back Event

Community Centers

  • Sylheti Community Center of New York
  • Sylheti Community Center of London
  • Sylheti Cultural Center of Toronto
  • Sylheti Heritage Center of Sylhet
  • Sylheti Association and Community Center of Dhaka
  • Sylheti Community Center of Birmingham
  • Sylheti Heritage and Learning Center of New Jersey
  • Sylheti Community Hub of Kolkata
  • Sylheti Cultural and Resource Center of Sydney
  • Sylheti Community Center of Riyadh

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you have sucessfully registered with Worldwide Sylehti to now know more kindly reach out to us through
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you have sucessfully registered with Worldwide Sylehti to now know more kindly reach out to us through
Email or Whatsapp